Start-Up Law

The journey from Start-up to the business giant is a hard and challenging battle. Most start-ups need to spend time focusing on idea development and distinguishing themselves from their competitors in the market. Finalizing the legal documents to bring these ideas to successful fruition, even though absolutely imperative and an advantage often get postponed. Legal help or Start-ups in their business formation and to cover statutory legal compliances results in laying a solid base and hassle-free operations which provides entrepreneurs/ founders/ promoters to focus on the more vital needs such as hiring, funding and finance and other processes to enable growth. A strong legal foundation for a new business is just as important as a sound business model.

What we are offering?

As young lawyers our aim is to revolutionize the approach taken by Startups, in a way that our clients seek our services at every step without having to worry of exorbitant legal costs and hence we work with our clients in a manner that is the most cost-effective for them and eliminate any apprehension that they might have in approaching lawyers for advice. We constantly strive to identify people and ideas that we can service towards growth.