Intellectual Property Law

The transformation of ideas of artists, writers, researchers and inventors into tangible form is known as Intellectual Property. The law grants certain rights to the creator of such property for its unique creation. These rights are called Intellectual Property rights. These rights protect the creator from the infringement
and piracy of that creation. The Intellectual Property right usually refers to inventions, literary and artistic work, images, designs.

The Intellectual Property is mainly divided into two categories:

  1. Industrial Property which comprises of patents, trademarks, designs etc. And;
  2. Copyright which comprises of literary and artistic work music, novels and films. The scope of the intellectual property is always expanding.

Importance of IPR

Over the years, Intellectual Property Rights have become a substantial factor in both forming and using ideas that are converted into information and discoveries into financial growth. It is important to secure the idea, information and the discoveries by the way of granting the rights to ensure the financial benefits to the creator. These rights not only secure the financial benefits but it encourages economic development.

The transfer of ownership in IPR is made by the formal assignment of the rights. The assignment of the rights is as document by which the transfer of the rights from one person to other person takes place. It is important that proper consideration shall be given to the IPR and the intellectual property matters shall be handled cautiously.

What we offer?

We offer full range of legal services for the registration, acquisition, commercialization and enforcement in the area of Copyrights and Trademarks. We handle all the dispute matters. which involved copyrights and trademarks by the way of litigation and the arbitration as well. We represent the clients before the trademark and copyright authorities.